The blank page

It’s a bit difficult to sit and stare at a blank page. Sometimes it’s best to just begin writing. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

What can I — and by extension, you, the reader — expect from this blog? I hope to keep it on a bit narrower a focus than my Twitter feed, a 140-character by 140-character stream of random thoughts and events in my life. Expect to find here mostly posts involving my work and technical interests, such as mobile and web development, social media, and transit. I hope to limit the number of posts involving my other non-work interests such as food, politics, or travel, except by way of creative analogy.

Any posts involving the writing of code will be clearly tagged and titled to ward off those who might find them intimidating or geeky, or to ward on those who might find them useful and elucidating (and geeky).

So, onward, you and I, dear reader, and let’s see where we go from here.


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