The Cafe Project

My usual

Living on Capitol Hill in Seattle, one can become fairly provincial. When you live in one of the more walkable neighborhoods in Seattle and you don’t own a car, it’s all too easy to stay in your own neighborhood and not venture off into other parts of the city you’ve been living in for the past 11 years. I can also be fairly habitual, so it’s all to easy for me to keep to what I am familiar with.

The Cafe Project puts a stop to all that. Once a week, I will venture by bus or train into a different neighborhood of Seattle, and visit a new cafe, hopefully with Wi-Fi. I need an opportunity to explore and to set aside to work on additions to this blog.

Zeitgeist Coffee

Admittedly, Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square is a bit of an exception to the rule. It’s my old stomping grounds and I’ve been here frequently enough that the baristas know my drink (which is always a great feeling). I have other reasons for being here today, and it makes a decent start because it’s a good cafe: friendly staff, good coffee, with a lively atmosphere fueled by the constant stream of people looking for their morning cup. King County Metro‘s office is just across the street, and I’ve seen people carry their mugs west across 2nd Ave and carry them east filled.

To get here, the 10 dropped me off at 5th and Pine, and from there I caught the first thing that came through the downtown bus tunnel — in this case, it was the route 150.

So far it’s a decent start to my project. I’m not certain where I’m going next week, but perhaps I’ll figure that out before next Monday. I don’t know if I’ll switch drinks yet — that’s a bit too much change for the time being.


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