The Cafe Project: Fuel Coffee

Wallingford. I used to call it the “Land of Brunch,” having been here on Sundays at Julia’s, or the Rusty Pelican, or any number of places cooking up for the “let’s have brunch!’ crowd.

Land of Brunch and Dessert

With Molly Moon and Chocolati now around, perhaps it should be called the Land of Dessert, except it seems these days in Seattle one can never be very far from some hip new confection-monger.

Either way, I’m here for neither brunch nor dessert, but to continue the next installment of The Cafe Project at Fuel Coffee.

I must admit, I’m not a coffee connoisseur — at least, no longer one. I used to be, but I stopped drinking coffee altogether for a while, and now when at home I mostly drink tea. So I admit that judging the quality of each establishment’s coffee isn’t really the point of these trips. That said, I have no complaints about Fuel’s espresso.

What is the point of these outings? To have some time writing about other topics than coffee. Time to get to that, although I may also stop and get some chocolate for later on…


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