The Cafe Project, New Orleans Edition

Not the Moscone Center

This weekend, most of the tech world has their blogs fixed firmly on the Moscone Center in San Francisco (ground zero for Google I/O). I am not at the Moscone Center, and so I’ll let you follow the Android-related announcement action from all the other possible outlets. I’m at the CC’s Community Coffee House in the middle of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

It’s a nice place — mostly quiet as the Quarter seems to be relatively untouristed this weekend. The decor and ambiance is Starbucks-esque, which isn’t bad, but tomorrow I’ll be finding a place a bit more local.

The best part about this edition of The Cafe Project is cupcakes for breakfast! I know I wasn’t going there when I went to CafĂ© VeritĂ©. But this is New Orleans, and if you can’t have a cupcake for breakfast here, then where can you? Especially if they are fleur-de-lis cupcakes, as modeled by my wife Misty (who named them her “Who Dat” sunglasses).


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