Becoming “quietly brilliant”

I’ve been rather lax in creating content here. I was down in New Orleans during Google I/O, and other than that I’ve been heads-down coding a new project of mine. There’s been plenty to write about, and hopefully I’ll be able to work my way through the I/O sessions and slides once they are posted to YouTube, as well as keeping up with the fire hose of mobile news.

Before I continue writing about all things mobile and Android, I do have to make one point of full disclosure: today was my first day as an employee and software engineer at HTC.

It’s an exciting place and a great opportunity. However, continuing to do personal blogging on the side now comes with the standard disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of my employer.

You’ll be seeing that phrase appear elsewhere on this site, and of course whenever HTC comes up on this blog. And if the company gets referenced here as much as it does on other mobile sites such as Engadget and MobileCrunch, that may be quite a bit…


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