SeattleBusBot is now OneBusAway

What’s going on?

SeattleBusBot is changing its name. It is now the official Android application for the OneBusAway service.

What’s changing?

Nothing! Well, hopefully some things will change for the better. In particular, a spiffy new icon is coming soon. And the SeattleBusBot Twitter feed is being replaced with the OneBusAway Twitter feed. But you can still expect the same user friendly app and the same prompt customer service you know from SeattleBusBot. I’m still here.

What’s OneBusAway?

OneBusAway is the service SeattleBusBot relies on for the real-time arrival information that makes it so cool. OneBusAway already had a website, a mobile site, a native iPhone app, as well as a SMS, phone, and text-base interface. SeattleBusBot becomes the newest addition to this great service.

Any more questions?

Don’t hestitate to email me! And keep spreading the word!

— Paul Watts

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